World's Largest Dungeon

The End
Bugbears fall, everybody dies

Misty, Rumisiel, Luke, and Tomaz met their ends at the hands of a group of bugbears who ambushed them. The bugbears themselves were not entirely beyond the capability of the party, especially if Rumisiel had had time to recover his spells, but after the angel fled, leaving Misty to fight alone against three of the beasts, two followed in pursuit. Misty slew her now lone foe, but the two chasing Rumisiel summoned reinforcements, some of which arrived at Misty’s location and slew her, others of which chased Rumisiel (who was making a mad dash for the snake pit in order to lose his pursuers), who accidentally triggered a burning hands trap and died.

The End.

Curator's Log 428.567.9d

Once Gentle Raijin, Misty, Cygoponi, Shallahai and Thokk departed from my ward, Boyikt and the Dragontooth Kobold clan began to expand and exert their influence throughout the region. The abyssal hordes of monsters were already severely weakened by their battles with the kobolds, orcs, troglodytes, and adventurers (as well as predations on each other), and the Dragontooth clan soon killed off or chased away those monsters which remained.

They also killed off those straggling orcs which had survived apart from the majority of their clan, including Gentle Turag, who had been hiding in a small room near the troglodyte camp. They were able to defeat these orcs with superior numbers and planning, often laying cunning ambushes and traps. Any orcs who survived the ambushes were executed in a slow and painful fashion.

Having dispatched their enemies, the orcs, Boyikt and his followers turned their desire for vengeance upon the troglodytes, who they blamed for not aiding them in the previous battles. The battle between the troglodytes and the kobolds was fierce, but eventually Boyikt concocted an ingenious plan to force the troglodytes out of their defensive position and into an array of deadly traps the kobolds had set for this purpose. The kobolds suffered surprisingly few casualties, but the troglodytes were slain to a man.

When this was done, it became apparent that the kobolds would have a very limited supply of food here. Having consulted with me and heard that the exit to the dungeon lies to the northeast, and that the others had headed east, Boyikt led his people, along with Bragdor (who was laden down with water) to the north through the territory once belonging to the troglodytes. It did not take them long to leave my ward after that, and I am thusly uncertain what happened to them since.

The Death of Thokk

After plant-thing and chain woman fell into the snake pit, shiny angel man appears and wants to come with us. Thokk not really trust shiny angel man, since funny light ball also shiny angel thing, and it say shiny angel things build this place, and Thokk pretty sure shiny angel things not like him.

Anyway, Thokk go along with what Tomaz and Misty want, and we take shiny angel man with us. He fly over pit and we kill snakes then go down and climb up other side. We find small rooms with lots of funny doors. We argue over whether to take shiny door or wood door. We go through wood door, and it lead to Well. Then we try shiny door and it have funny looking Awbuhlisk. It have moving pictures, but then pictures stop and door close. Misty and Angel Man say it be some kind of puzzle, but Thokk not know much about these things.

We move on, see Statue of pretty angel lady, but don’t touch it. Thokk think maybe we should have taken spear, but Thokk happy, because Thokk has Orghar’s Axe again.

Then we see some Gold Dogs, but they run away. We go on, and we find scary door with big griffin head for lock. When Misty try to pick it, it give yell and go boom, but door still there. Thokk glad he stood way back.

We wander more. We find room with big pits, and a sword and a glowy axe (not as good as Orghar’s Axe). Tomaz fall in pit, but then we get him out.

The following is written in a different, more feminine and cultured hand

We encountered a number of huge wolves. There were too many to avoid casualties, and Thokk valiantly sacrificed himself so that others could live.

Everyone dies eventually


It seems that I will never be free of this cursed place or the death it brings everyone. It seems everyone but me is destined to die in this deathtrap. Perhaps death waits for me yet. Raijin and Shallahai left to go forage for food. I wanted to go with them to be safe, but of course, I had to make sure Thokk and Misty would play nice and not kill each other. They never returned. After some time, we of course decided to check on them. It seems they were accosted and routed by a number of bugbears while they were out. The last one fell to my blade, making me think that Raijin would still be alive if I had gone with them. Luckily, Shallahai was still alive, if badly injured and unconcious. I hope that Raijin finds the peace in death that he failed to find in life. I said a few words for my fallen friend, and we retreated once again to lick our wounds.

I was sleeping peacefully, dreaming of the grove and its tranquility, when suddenly Misty starts to violently shake me. What is it? Monsters? No, it’s a cloud of mysterious mist. Just as I start to think that the mist is of no consequence and I’m about to go back to sleep, when a portal forms in the mist. Without much of a second thought, mainly hoping to get out of here, I walk through the portal. The others follow shortly thereafter. We find ourselves in a curious area, Melvar the Magnificent’s merchant stand if you will. he has many curious and strange items, albeit of dubious origin and use. We traded and bartered for some items. I got what turned out to be a useless weapon, a pair of mysterious spoons, and a ring of lesser invisibility (the ring was invisible). While we were bartering, a knightly and long-winded fellow named Tomaz joined us, and he, also being stuck in the cursed place, decided to join our effort to escape here. After leaving Melvar’s and resting further, we decided to venture on.

We came to an interesting room, filled with three massive bonded links. The door closed itself behind us locking us inside. Luckily, Thokk was stuck on the outside, and let us out. We ventured on, coming to a room dominated by a massive pit filled not only with spikes, but with what I only presume are poisonous snakes. With nothing but a small precarious ledge to keep one from falling to what would almost be certain death, we turned around and looked elsewhere for a path forward. We then came to a strange room. The floor was covered entirely with round disks which one could balance upon. Misty threw a round ball into the room to see the purpose of these disks. The minute the ball hits the floor, the door slams shut in front of us, and we hear the sound of rushing water. When the room opened again I was elected to cross the room, as I was the only one who could realistically cross the room safely. I make it a little way in, but oh god, I slipped! Water starts rushing in. So is this how it all ends? All alone in this god-forsaken hole, drowning? I frantically look around for a way out. Nothing. So here I wait, perhaps I can wait out the trap; I only have to hold my breath for a few minutes. Longest few minutes ever. Luckily, they managed to get the door open, in the end, I was just soaked to the bone as gasping for breath. We continued on, and gave to a room where it looked like some goblinoids (they were dead) were mining for gold. I immediately felt uneasy about the place and refused to enter. Of course, someone tried to pick up some of the gold, and the door slams shut. A few moments later the door opens, and luckily everyone is fine. I guess poison gas came out after the door shut. Luckily, our mercenary was able to fix it before anyone became poisoned.

Unfortunately, at this point, we were unable to continue forward, so we had to go back to the room with the pit of death. Shallahai volunteered to go across first; maybe she can find a way that everyone can cross. She makes the jump fine and crosses to the ledge, maybe she’ll be fine after all. Oh god, she fell. It’s quite clear at this point that’s she’s dead. sigh Another one. I’ll mourn for her later, we need to get across and keep moving. At this point it falls to me to make it across. I make the jump with ease and now that I’m across, the ledge doesn’t look that difficult to make it across; maybe I’ll be ok after all. I start making my way across; this isn’t so bad. Oh god my foot slipped, I can see myself falling, the spikes are drawing closer. Well, here I am bleeding out on the floor of this pit, impaled on a bunch of spikes. I can’t move and I’m well aware of the fact that this is the end; I can see the snakes drawing closer. The other are yelling, it seems they are trying to make their way over here; why do they try? Can’t they see it’s too late? At least I’ll be free of this cursed place. Death isn’t so bad. I can see the grove, Obad-Hai beckons me; I am ready. The snakes draw closer. So this is it, huh? Everyone dies eventually I guess, and so it comes to me, alone at the bottom of a spiked pits, surrounded by venomous snakes. Here I come Obad-Hai; I’m ready.

Goblin Funny
Maybe I not kill him after all...

Now that we lose to kobolds, we go east, looking for exit to dungeon. Thokk want to go after kobolds, but since supposed friends already take all of Thokk’s things, Thokk cannot. Anyway, going east may take us to exit, so that not too bad.

We wander around for a while but not find door east. Then we find door east. It lead to big room with copper plate on floor, but everyone afraid of copper plate, so we don’t touch it. We take door south, which leads to Whirling Blade Trap, but since trap stuck we OK. Then we move on to room with funny copper plate, and it hot, and then goblin see rune on door that also on plate, so he stand on plate and then FWOOOSH big fire come up and hurt goblin. Thokk laugh on inside.

Then we wander on and find hole in floor. That is, goblin find hole in floor as he fall in it. Especially funny when it have spikes. We go around hole and find abandoned room with goblin-writing on walls, and then abandoned room where someone keep lots of weapons. “Allies” decide to throw weapons in hole, so Thokk help with that.

Later we find room with shiny gold idol. It also have lots of traps. Thokk want shiny idol, but Thokk know it just get taken. So Thokk wait. Meanwhile, goblin and axe-theif go to take idol, and they get hit with darts. Then they take idol, and idol crumbles! So they take again, but it still crumble.

Then we fight some wolves. They were big wolves, and hard to kill.

After we sleep, goblin and funny plant cat go off to harvest wolf meat, and they not return. It be long time now. Thokk think maybe they should return soon…


Thokk betrayed!!!

First goblin and chain girl threaten to break alliance if we not find kobolds in two days. Thokk put up with it at time, but Thokk not forget that chain girl willing to walk off without doing her part of alliance.

We continue wandering through dungeon for long time, until we find trapped door that lead to forge. There not anything in forge, but beyond forge there workshop where others find wand and pebbles and scrolls. Then we keep wandeng.

Eventually we find some Bug-Bat Things. They die easy.

After that we find ourselves back in place where we (I mean, orcs, not humans) were before all the fighting. I go look through Orghar’s room while they poke through other quarters. I recover chieftain’s pillow and kobold skull of Orghar’s. Also some gems and things.

Then they wanted to go look at waste hole, so I go with them. They is stupid.

Then, suddenly, we find kobolds! They holed up in little room with little forts and throw stones at Thokk. Thokk would have killed them, but they hit Thokk with sticky magic web. Then Thokk’s “allies” get scared and betray Thokk, start trying to get nice with kobolds!!! Then stupid kobold wizard trick Thokk with funny spell.

Then Thokk wake up and goblin has taken all of Thokk’s things and Misty has taken Clawhowl Clan Axe. They threaten to kill Thokk unless Thokk agree not to fight kobolds anymore. Thokk go along with them for now, but one day Thokk get Thokk’s axe back, and Thokk punish those who wrong Thokk.

Last Cry of Clan Clawhowl

Great tragedy has struck Clawhowl clan. Thokk is great failure. Orghar was mighty warrior, and led us to great victory after great victory. When Orghar get all quiet, Thokk start thinking maybe we need new leader. Thokk should not have thought such things. Thokk is bad leader, and now all of Thokk’s men are dead.

Thokk gets ahead of himself. Thokk will tell story from beginning. After we leave the dagger room, we keep wandering, looking for cobalds [1]. Misty find blank spot in map, and we look for way in. We not find, but we do find secret door, which leads to stinky garbage place. goblin and little wizard poke around in mucky garbage goo (it smell really bad, make orcs sick. It even bubble. Goblin still smells terrible!) and then there go “Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” and many many little rats pour out of garbage. They attack everyone.

Seye go pony attack with fire blade while little wizard shout about burning things, and all of a sudden there go big boom, and fireball. We orcs smart and stay back, so we not get hit, and rats not burn much, which Thokk think odd, because rats roast nice ‘n’ easy. Anyway, rats chase after, and they eat little wizard, and they bite and claw other not-orcs, and they eat eachother.

Then goblin gets upset when his brother dies (Thokk wonder how goblin can be brother with not-goblin, but Thokk keep thoughts to self.) Misty say something to goblin, and he get mad and attack her. We cheer for fight, but there not much of one. No one died. Goblin said demon thing was coming for body of little wizard, and Thokk not want stick around to see that, so we leave.

Then we rest night, and next day we not have food or water. So we spend day hunting and getting water. Misty got sick, probably because woman and so frail. Or at least so Thokk think, but now goblin sick too, and he not woman. But he small, so maybe that it. None of orcs was sick.

Later we find room with lots of traps [2]. It have blade trap in door, which hit goblin, but also lightning trap in door, which hit goblin and Misty, who not always so great at fixing traps. Anyway, goblin grab spear and some vials, but he not grab things for orcs. Oh! Room contain many armors and things, mostly for dwarves, though, says goblin. Anyway, Thokk want him bring out orc things, but he not do it. Thokk not like that. Goblins should do what orcs say, because they are so small.

So we continue to go down hallway, and we find room with rubble. Then all of a sudden, we attacked by more flying oktopusses [3]. We beat them back, but there was injuries, so we rest again. Most of injuries were from traps earlier. Anyway, we spike doors closed and sleep for night. More people was more diseased. We ate oktopuss.

We continue on, and we get attacked by still more oktopusses. There was lots this time, and then even more came, following strange cat-plant thing. The cat-plant thing not fight us, but all told we fight over ten oktopuss.

We fight hard, but there too many Oktopusses. Thokk should have called for retreat, but Thokk want win too bad, and Thokk pick weak allies, because Thokk bad leader. All Thokk’s men die. Kas is dead. Naz is dead. Srozug is dead. Bgum is dead. Gak is dead. Bredat is dead. All is dead. Clawhowl Clan is dead. Thokk has failed as leader.

1 Curator’s note: Thokk almost certainly means “Kobolds”, a race of diminutive reptilian humanoids supposedly descended from dragons. A number of these creatures inhabit this region, and were previously warring with the Clawhowl Clan

2 Curator’s note: Before this, during the night, Gentle Raijin turned to the book he was given, and began to read about Pelor. He also prayed for the soul of his brother, who, he believed, was doomed to be endlessly devoured by some sort of demon.

3 Curator’s note: Thokk is likely referring to the fiendish darkmantles which inhabited the region at that time.

Death of Longtail
...and birth of alliance?

When wake up, Thokk find that neither little folk or warrior women killed anyone in the night, even though they said they would. They probably afraid of getting caught by smart orc watchmen, like Srozug. We decided to go find little smart man’s body, to find his food. Also, the fiesty woman wanted some lockpicks that he had.

We find gnome, or at least what was left of it after big bear thing and rats eat it. Misty find her tools, but everything else ruined. That bear-thing fierce. There was also funny red light around the corner, and goblin went to investigate. He come back and lead us to long hall with two rows of pillars and a big red magicy thing. I think it portal, because later big spider monster tried to come out of it. In fact, this maybe portal in that place funny light ball said about.

Anyway, when little wizard get there, he start shooting at air and claiming there is imp somewhere. Thokk and Thokk’s men look around, but we don’t see any imp. We think he crazy. Everyone else just look around too. Then, suddenly, little wizard fall down, and goblin run off screaming, and Misty run off after. Thokk not know what to do. Then saigonoupi syserectomy chain lady start shaking little wizard, and he get up, and he start shooting some more.

Then, suddenly, imp appears and is attacking little wizard, so we smack it dead. It puny thing, go down fast. Me not know why little wizard not kill it easy. Anyway, then we sees goblin fighting Longtail, and Longtail not give us treasure, left us for fighting. lightball even say he lie about treasure. Misty was fighting too, and we know she warrior, while longtail is wizard type. So we help fight longtail, and he die. little wizard hit him hard with spell, and he just sort of stand there while we kill him.

Longtail not have treasure either. He just have stupid magic wand, stupid bracers, stupid goggles, and stupid dagger. goblin take dagger, chain woman take goggles, little wizard take wand, and Misty take bracers. Me not really care. This stuff not treasure, just wizard junk. Longtail’s room not have treasure either. Just bed (we burn for firewood later) and a magic candle-thingy. Candle-thingy not do anything, just have light.

Then we slept and ate dead flying octopus. It OK, but not as good as roast ox. Thokk miss roast ox.

Oh! Thokk almost forget, then there was monster that try to come out of portal. It was big and scary and look like spider thing, but Thokk is pretty sure it was a demon. Thokk knows ‘cause it was sort of reddish. Anyway, little wizard and wizard woman chant at portal for a while and then portal go away, and monster not get through.

Then we all wander through dungeon for while, looking for kobolds to kill. Sadly, we not find any kobolds. We find empty storage room, but it empty, so we leave it alone. Then we find red crystal room. There was big red crystal floating, and wizards say it magical, so we definitely want. But Misty say we not touch until someone talk to lightball. Thokk not want talk to lightball, but not want have bad magic trap, and door to room say danger anyway (though written by kobolds, goblin said, since in draconic.)

So, we wait while goblin get lightball [1]. While we wait, Gak and Bgum decide to touch the crystal anyway, and it asplodes. Then goblin gets back with lightball and warns us not to touch it. Then lightball tries to tell us there no treasure, but we not believe it. It also try and convince us to ally with lizard things, and we want none of it, but goblin explain that it might be good idea. I still not sure what we do once allied. Kill all the flying dark things, and the rats and bugs n’ stuff, but what then? Thokk not know. But Thokk will think about talking to lizard folk, and if they agree to follow Thokk then Thokk will be kind enough to let them follow him.

Anyway, after that we wander around some more, until finally we wander into trapped room with dagger. There was dead octopus things on floor, except they wasn’t dead ‘cause there was trap on pillar in middle of room. Trap burn things, but also put them to sleep. So octopus was just sleeping. But we not know that, because we not sure about trap. See, orc scouts had reported about this room to Orghar, and we knew about it, but Thokk not know all about exact what kind of trap. Anyway, no one else see any trap, so Misty help goblin get dagger off of top of pillar (did Thokk forget to mention dagger? Silly Thokk.) Traps go off, but everyone OK. Dagger was magic, Thokk guess, and made out of pretty bone, but too small a weapon for Thokk to use, so Thokk lets goblin take it.

1 Curator’s note: Though Thokk is not aware of it, during this time gentle Raijin was introduced to the teachings of Pelor. It was impossible to tell at this time whether such teachings would come to anything, but I always hoped that I would be able to redeem this poor goblin soul.

Location: The Dagger Room
Day: 12

Death in the darkness

Upon arriving at the fountain, the party was immediately attacked by Bragdor, who was set to guard the fountain by Orghar. Though Thokk tried to dissuade the ogre from attacking, explaining that the heroes were allies and that Orghar had been slain, Bragdor would have none of it, certain that the party had killed the orc leader in his sleep. At this point a lantern archon flew into the room and attempted to stop Bragdor by explaining the circumstances of Orghar’s death, but unfortunately this information was less than pacifying.

Bragdor was quickly put down by a sleep spell from Kremlin, and the party tied him up. Though he burst the ropes upon awakening, he seemed subdued by the knowledge that the gnome could put him to sleep, and was no longer interested in fighting. At this point the lantern archon introduced itself as “the curator” and explained that it had been given the task of knowing all that occured in its region of the dungeon. When asked to explain, he told the party the following:

“Millennia ago we celestials built a great dungeon. Within it, we erected mammoth walls, locks, doors, and traps. It was a dungeon larger than any ever known, larger than any that would ever be known. Within it, we celestials imprisoned hellish undead, demonic beasts, and fiendish monstrosities. It was a perfect construction. Before the first dwarf would ever be born to sculpt stone, angels and celestials carved a work of art that no one would ever see. Perfect in every detail, it would stand inviolate for all time. Of course, it was never determined precisely why the gods would order these demons and devils imprisoned, rather than destroyed. In my limited knowledge of scholarly thought on the matter, I believe theories tend to fall either into the realm of the gods being too merciful to slaughter even such horrid creatures, or that the gods were unable to do so. How they could imprison them but not have the power to kill them is…but I digress. Centuries passed, and the tomb stood unchanged. The champions who protected humanity—and others of course—from the liches and hezrou and pit fiends stood valiant guard, ready to spend eternity in honor of the gods. No one is sure how much time passed. My own estimates place this as four-hundred-and-eighty-two-thousand-nine-hundred-and-sixty-five years since the creation of this dungeon, but my timekeeping is not perfect. In any event, an earthquake of unforeseeable proportions cracked the foundation of the dungeon. I am uncertain of the extent of the damage, as my own region is largely structurally intact, but I know that it was greater elsewhere in the dungeon. More recently a creature by the name of Longtail entered the dungeon, leading a horde of evil humanoids behind him. Longtail was for some reason under the assumption that releasing the beasts which had been sealed up in the chapel would allow him to control them, and that was his goal as he entered the dungeon. He left his followers near the entrance, having lured them here with false promises of gold. When no gold was found, the horde split down the middle, with the orcs, at the time led by Orghar, assuming that the kobolds and troglodytes had discovered the treasure and were hoarding it, and the kobolds, then led by Borryn, and troglodytes, led by Yrkak, believing the same of the orcs. Just when the in-fighting threatened to wipe out both groups, Longtail succeeded in releasing the fiendish beasts from beyond the portal, and they now inhabit the entire region.”

Further questioning of the curator revealed that there may be unintended exits in the dungeon, through which monsters may have left, or entered, but that the only intended exit is at the far end of the dungeon, and apparently guarded by a titan named Barcellus, as well as that there had been a duergar empire in this area some time ago. The duergar empire was apparently responsible for the skeletal menagerie and the cursed throne room, and The Curator also explained that the red gems Kremlin pried from the throne were cursed by the spirits of slaves which were tortured in that room. Kremlin promptly handed his remaining gem over to Thokk. The Curator seemed to have a certain amount of difficulty remembering the details of the duergar empire, and it is possible that his memory has eroded somewhat over the milennia.

With the fountain secured and their water supplies replenished, the alliance set out in search of the kobolds’ camp, having heard from The Curator that the kobolds had taken up a temporary camp after the fighting, as had the orcs, which explained the absence of any kobolds at the place Thokk had led them. They wandered for some time until they came to the nexus, at which point Kremlin decided they try the far exit, which led to a room full of a number of oversized darkmantles. In the ensuing fight, Sud and Sobak, two of Thokk’s men, died, and another, Srozug, demonstrated himself as a warrior not to be trifled with. Hazim, trapped in the darkness after the orcs retreated, was killed, and Kremlin nearly so.

It was only when Misty, who had retreated with Cygoponi out of the magical darkness, offered the orcs some gold and trinkets did they return to the fray to retrieve the wounded. They brought back two limp bodies, and Kremlin would have been left for dead if not for the keen eyes of Gak, who saw him breathing and immediately administered first aid.

Pressing on, the party found some more fiendish darkmantles who fled at their approach.

Several hallways later, the party heard the muffled sounds of a terrible battle not far away. Kremlin decided to check on the noise, and shortly found himself peeking in on a battle between a terrible monstrosity (some fiendish cross between a bear and an owl) and a dozen darkmantles. The battle was incredibly one-sided, and most of the darkmantles were already dead. The creature heard him approach, however, and immediately turned upon him with a shriek. Crying out that the others should run, Kremlin fled, but was quickly overtaken by the monster, which struck him down. The others began to flee, but it became apparent that Misty would not escape, burdened as she was with her armor, and she turned to fight. Thokk and his men aided her, and after the monster was finally slain, Thokk demanded that Misty relinquish Orghar’s Battleaxe, which she reluctantly did.

The alliance returned to the orc encampment to lick their wounds, and promptly discovered a pair of men there. One was a halfling with glowing red eyes and the other was a masked goblin dressed in black. Neither of them had a particularly friendly attitude, but the goblin was particularly vitriolic. Apparently they were assassins who had been hired to kill Longtail by a village which his army had despoiled on its way to the dungeon. The party learned that there is a 10,000 gold reward for the rat-man’s head in a town some 10 miles to the south of the dungeon’s entrance.

Ending Stats:
Day: 11
Location: orc encampment

All tremors and no water...
...makes orcs ANGRY!!!!

As it turned out, the negotiations were fairly simple: the heroes and Clawhowl Clan would share their food and water, and would evenly divide the treasure. They would also fight together to overcome their foes: both the fiendish beasts roaming the halls and the “lizardfolk” as Clawhowl Clan put it.

Talking to Thokk, the new orc leader after the death of Orghar, the party learned a few things. Apparently both Clawhowl Clan, led by Orghar and a coalition of several types of reptilians (Troglodytes and Kobolds, by the descriptions) were led into the dungeon by a “rat-man” named Longtail, who has been missing for some time, having gone off into the dungeon on his own shortly after they arrived. Longtail had assured them that treasure was to be had in the dungeon, but the orcs never found any. According to Thokk the reason for this is that the reptilians have it, but certain heroes are of the opinion that there was never a treasure to begin with.

The party also learned that there is a renewable water source in the dungeon somewhere, that this water source is guarded by “Bragdor” (a “large orc”) and that the orcs had semi-working knowledge of where the kobold encampment was. This was of great interest to Kremlin, who is quite dead-set on killing his racial enemies.

Clawhowl Clan had apparently taken to their current camp after retreating from a battle with the kobolds. The battle had been mid-swing when both sides were suddenly attacked by a horde of fiendish creatures (Misty identified them by description as darkmantles) as well as swarms of rats and insects. The orcs fell back here, but, unfortunatley, didn’t really know where “here” was, in relation to anywhere else.

Setting out aimlessly, the party explored more of the tremor-prone section of the dungeon (that where the floor is covered in rubble). The only items of note were some metal rods enchanted with “continual flame” in different colors, wrapped in a cloth that seems to block light. After some particularly violent tremors which nearly killed Kremlin, and an encounter with a pair of darkmantles, the party holed up in a set of cells which seemed more structurally sound than the surrounding area, and which protected them from tremors.

Setting out the next morning (such as mornings are in the World’s Largest Dungeon) the party discovered the tattered remains of a journal which apparently belonged to the captain of some sort of guard. There wasn’t much to the remains that was still legible, but Kremlin managed to deduce that this place wasn’t always infested with monstrous beasts. Thokk confirmed this, stating that the beasts only arrived recently, when (as he sees it) the reptilians summoned them.

Shortly after this Hazim was near-mortally wounded in a fight with three more of the darkmantles, injuries which would take him several days to recover from.

North of there, the party encountered a pair of rooms holding the skeletal remains of a vast assortment of creatures. The place had a haunted feel about it, and at several times it appeared that the skeletons moved. The Easterly of the rooms contained a few better-preserved corpses, all of which were of exotic animals. Of note was a bear who seemed almost alive, and, when cut, was apparently filled with a black ichor which had congealed into a sort of pudding.

Passing through a secret door the party found a bloodstained room containing a throne carved from a single piece of stone. Kremlin pried a pair of red gems from the throne, one of which was given to Thokk.

More wandering led the party to a nexus of sorts, a large hallway which Orghar had apparently considered extremely important. The battle between orcs and kobolds was being fought here when the monsters appeared, it seems. At this point the group decided to return to the orc encampment to rest.

They rested there for several days, in fact, until their water supply (which was no longer limitless, as Cygoponi could not provide for the party and the orcs) ran out. During this time Hazim recovered from his wounds and Kremlin and Misty helped the orcs hunt and scavenge for food (they had rat after the successful hunts). When the water finally ran out, however, they knew they had to press on. Thokk was fairly confident he could lead them to the watersource, but he would have to take them through the Kobold camp and near the Troglodyte camp in order to get them there.

The party made the trip, having only to fight a pair of rat swarms along the way. Passing through the kobold base proved disturbingly easy, as there were no kobolds present, or at least no living ones. The area was filled with carnage from the orcs’ and kobolds’ last battle, but the only signs anyone had been by since were the giant rats which hissed at the party as they approached.

Passing a number of interesting rooms and doors which they vowed to return to later, the party remained focused on their goal, and eventually Thokk announced that they had arrived, pointing to a doorway up ahead. Just as the party reached the doorway, however, a deafening roar, as though from some sort of man-beast, bellowed out from within.

Ending Stats:
Day: 9
Location: the fountain


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