World's Largest Dungeon


Thokk betrayed!!!

First goblin and chain girl threaten to break alliance if we not find kobolds in two days. Thokk put up with it at time, but Thokk not forget that chain girl willing to walk off without doing her part of alliance.

We continue wandering through dungeon for long time, until we find trapped door that lead to forge. There not anything in forge, but beyond forge there workshop where others find wand and pebbles and scrolls. Then we keep wandeng.

Eventually we find some Bug-Bat Things. They die easy.

After that we find ourselves back in place where we (I mean, orcs, not humans) were before all the fighting. I go look through Orghar’s room while they poke through other quarters. I recover chieftain’s pillow and kobold skull of Orghar’s. Also some gems and things.

Then they wanted to go look at waste hole, so I go with them. They is stupid.

Then, suddenly, we find kobolds! They holed up in little room with little forts and throw stones at Thokk. Thokk would have killed them, but they hit Thokk with sticky magic web. Then Thokk’s “allies” get scared and betray Thokk, start trying to get nice with kobolds!!! Then stupid kobold wizard trick Thokk with funny spell.

Then Thokk wake up and goblin has taken all of Thokk’s things and Misty has taken Clawhowl Clan Axe. They threaten to kill Thokk unless Thokk agree not to fight kobolds anymore. Thokk go along with them for now, but one day Thokk get Thokk’s axe back, and Thokk punish those who wrong Thokk.



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