World's Largest Dungeon

Curator's Log 428.567.9d

Once Gentle Raijin, Misty, Cygoponi, Shallahai and Thokk departed from my ward, Boyikt and the Dragontooth Kobold clan began to expand and exert their influence throughout the region. The abyssal hordes of monsters were already severely weakened by their battles with the kobolds, orcs, troglodytes, and adventurers (as well as predations on each other), and the Dragontooth clan soon killed off or chased away those monsters which remained.

They also killed off those straggling orcs which had survived apart from the majority of their clan, including Gentle Turag, who had been hiding in a small room near the troglodyte camp. They were able to defeat these orcs with superior numbers and planning, often laying cunning ambushes and traps. Any orcs who survived the ambushes were executed in a slow and painful fashion.

Having dispatched their enemies, the orcs, Boyikt and his followers turned their desire for vengeance upon the troglodytes, who they blamed for not aiding them in the previous battles. The battle between the troglodytes and the kobolds was fierce, but eventually Boyikt concocted an ingenious plan to force the troglodytes out of their defensive position and into an array of deadly traps the kobolds had set for this purpose. The kobolds suffered surprisingly few casualties, but the troglodytes were slain to a man.

When this was done, it became apparent that the kobolds would have a very limited supply of food here. Having consulted with me and heard that the exit to the dungeon lies to the northeast, and that the others had headed east, Boyikt led his people, along with Bragdor (who was laden down with water) to the north through the territory once belonging to the troglodytes. It did not take them long to leave my ward after that, and I am thusly uncertain what happened to them since.


Count yourselves lucky and move one. WLD is an obtuse Disneyland dungeon.

Curator's Log 428.567.9d

move on, that is, not move one :P

Curator's Log 428.567.9d

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