World's Largest Dungeon

Death of Longtail

...and birth of alliance?

When wake up, Thokk find that neither little folk or warrior women killed anyone in the night, even though they said they would. They probably afraid of getting caught by smart orc watchmen, like Srozug. We decided to go find little smart man’s body, to find his food. Also, the fiesty woman wanted some lockpicks that he had.

We find gnome, or at least what was left of it after big bear thing and rats eat it. Misty find her tools, but everything else ruined. That bear-thing fierce. There was also funny red light around the corner, and goblin went to investigate. He come back and lead us to long hall with two rows of pillars and a big red magicy thing. I think it portal, because later big spider monster tried to come out of it. In fact, this maybe portal in that place funny light ball said about.

Anyway, when little wizard get there, he start shooting at air and claiming there is imp somewhere. Thokk and Thokk’s men look around, but we don’t see any imp. We think he crazy. Everyone else just look around too. Then, suddenly, little wizard fall down, and goblin run off screaming, and Misty run off after. Thokk not know what to do. Then saigonoupi syserectomy chain lady start shaking little wizard, and he get up, and he start shooting some more.

Then, suddenly, imp appears and is attacking little wizard, so we smack it dead. It puny thing, go down fast. Me not know why little wizard not kill it easy. Anyway, then we sees goblin fighting Longtail, and Longtail not give us treasure, left us for fighting. lightball even say he lie about treasure. Misty was fighting too, and we know she warrior, while longtail is wizard type. So we help fight longtail, and he die. little wizard hit him hard with spell, and he just sort of stand there while we kill him.

Longtail not have treasure either. He just have stupid magic wand, stupid bracers, stupid goggles, and stupid dagger. goblin take dagger, chain woman take goggles, little wizard take wand, and Misty take bracers. Me not really care. This stuff not treasure, just wizard junk. Longtail’s room not have treasure either. Just bed (we burn for firewood later) and a magic candle-thingy. Candle-thingy not do anything, just have light.

Then we slept and ate dead flying octopus. It OK, but not as good as roast ox. Thokk miss roast ox.

Oh! Thokk almost forget, then there was monster that try to come out of portal. It was big and scary and look like spider thing, but Thokk is pretty sure it was a demon. Thokk knows ‘cause it was sort of reddish. Anyway, little wizard and wizard woman chant at portal for a while and then portal go away, and monster not get through.

Then we all wander through dungeon for while, looking for kobolds to kill. Sadly, we not find any kobolds. We find empty storage room, but it empty, so we leave it alone. Then we find red crystal room. There was big red crystal floating, and wizards say it magical, so we definitely want. But Misty say we not touch until someone talk to lightball. Thokk not want talk to lightball, but not want have bad magic trap, and door to room say danger anyway (though written by kobolds, goblin said, since in draconic.)

So, we wait while goblin get lightball [1]. While we wait, Gak and Bgum decide to touch the crystal anyway, and it asplodes. Then goblin gets back with lightball and warns us not to touch it. Then lightball tries to tell us there no treasure, but we not believe it. It also try and convince us to ally with lizard things, and we want none of it, but goblin explain that it might be good idea. I still not sure what we do once allied. Kill all the flying dark things, and the rats and bugs n’ stuff, but what then? Thokk not know. But Thokk will think about talking to lizard folk, and if they agree to follow Thokk then Thokk will be kind enough to let them follow him.

Anyway, after that we wander around some more, until finally we wander into trapped room with dagger. There was dead octopus things on floor, except they wasn’t dead ‘cause there was trap on pillar in middle of room. Trap burn things, but also put them to sleep. So octopus was just sleeping. But we not know that, because we not sure about trap. See, orc scouts had reported about this room to Orghar, and we knew about it, but Thokk not know all about exact what kind of trap. Anyway, no one else see any trap, so Misty help goblin get dagger off of top of pillar (did Thokk forget to mention dagger? Silly Thokk.) Traps go off, but everyone OK. Dagger was magic, Thokk guess, and made out of pretty bone, but too small a weapon for Thokk to use, so Thokk lets goblin take it.

1 Curator’s note: Though Thokk is not aware of it, during this time gentle Raijin was introduced to the teachings of Pelor. It was impossible to tell at this time whether such teachings would come to anything, but I always hoped that I would be able to redeem this poor goblin soul.

Location: The Dagger Room
Day: 12



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