World's Largest Dungeon

Everyone dies eventually


It seems that I will never be free of this cursed place or the death it brings everyone. It seems everyone but me is destined to die in this deathtrap. Perhaps death waits for me yet. Raijin and Shallahai left to go forage for food. I wanted to go with them to be safe, but of course, I had to make sure Thokk and Misty would play nice and not kill each other. They never returned. After some time, we of course decided to check on them. It seems they were accosted and routed by a number of bugbears while they were out. The last one fell to my blade, making me think that Raijin would still be alive if I had gone with them. Luckily, Shallahai was still alive, if badly injured and unconcious. I hope that Raijin finds the peace in death that he failed to find in life. I said a few words for my fallen friend, and we retreated once again to lick our wounds.

I was sleeping peacefully, dreaming of the grove and its tranquility, when suddenly Misty starts to violently shake me. What is it? Monsters? No, it’s a cloud of mysterious mist. Just as I start to think that the mist is of no consequence and I’m about to go back to sleep, when a portal forms in the mist. Without much of a second thought, mainly hoping to get out of here, I walk through the portal. The others follow shortly thereafter. We find ourselves in a curious area, Melvar the Magnificent’s merchant stand if you will. he has many curious and strange items, albeit of dubious origin and use. We traded and bartered for some items. I got what turned out to be a useless weapon, a pair of mysterious spoons, and a ring of lesser invisibility (the ring was invisible). While we were bartering, a knightly and long-winded fellow named Tomaz joined us, and he, also being stuck in the cursed place, decided to join our effort to escape here. After leaving Melvar’s and resting further, we decided to venture on.

We came to an interesting room, filled with three massive bonded links. The door closed itself behind us locking us inside. Luckily, Thokk was stuck on the outside, and let us out. We ventured on, coming to a room dominated by a massive pit filled not only with spikes, but with what I only presume are poisonous snakes. With nothing but a small precarious ledge to keep one from falling to what would almost be certain death, we turned around and looked elsewhere for a path forward. We then came to a strange room. The floor was covered entirely with round disks which one could balance upon. Misty threw a round ball into the room to see the purpose of these disks. The minute the ball hits the floor, the door slams shut in front of us, and we hear the sound of rushing water. When the room opened again I was elected to cross the room, as I was the only one who could realistically cross the room safely. I make it a little way in, but oh god, I slipped! Water starts rushing in. So is this how it all ends? All alone in this god-forsaken hole, drowning? I frantically look around for a way out. Nothing. So here I wait, perhaps I can wait out the trap; I only have to hold my breath for a few minutes. Longest few minutes ever. Luckily, they managed to get the door open, in the end, I was just soaked to the bone as gasping for breath. We continued on, and gave to a room where it looked like some goblinoids (they were dead) were mining for gold. I immediately felt uneasy about the place and refused to enter. Of course, someone tried to pick up some of the gold, and the door slams shut. A few moments later the door opens, and luckily everyone is fine. I guess poison gas came out after the door shut. Luckily, our mercenary was able to fix it before anyone became poisoned.

Unfortunately, at this point, we were unable to continue forward, so we had to go back to the room with the pit of death. Shallahai volunteered to go across first; maybe she can find a way that everyone can cross. She makes the jump fine and crosses to the ledge, maybe she’ll be fine after all. Oh god, she fell. It’s quite clear at this point that’s she’s dead. sigh Another one. I’ll mourn for her later, we need to get across and keep moving. At this point it falls to me to make it across. I make the jump with ease and now that I’m across, the ledge doesn’t look that difficult to make it across; maybe I’ll be ok after all. I start making my way across; this isn’t so bad. Oh god my foot slipped, I can see myself falling, the spikes are drawing closer. Well, here I am bleeding out on the floor of this pit, impaled on a bunch of spikes. I can’t move and I’m well aware of the fact that this is the end; I can see the snakes drawing closer. The other are yelling, it seems they are trying to make their way over here; why do they try? Can’t they see it’s too late? At least I’ll be free of this cursed place. Death isn’t so bad. I can see the grove, Obad-Hai beckons me; I am ready. The snakes draw closer. So this is it, huh? Everyone dies eventually I guess, and so it comes to me, alone at the bottom of a spiked pits, surrounded by venomous snakes. Here I come Obad-Hai; I’m ready.



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