World's Largest Dungeon

Goblin Funny

Maybe I not kill him after all...

Now that we lose to kobolds, we go east, looking for exit to dungeon. Thokk want to go after kobolds, but since supposed friends already take all of Thokk’s things, Thokk cannot. Anyway, going east may take us to exit, so that not too bad.

We wander around for a while but not find door east. Then we find door east. It lead to big room with copper plate on floor, but everyone afraid of copper plate, so we don’t touch it. We take door south, which leads to Whirling Blade Trap, but since trap stuck we OK. Then we move on to room with funny copper plate, and it hot, and then goblin see rune on door that also on plate, so he stand on plate and then FWOOOSH big fire come up and hurt goblin. Thokk laugh on inside.

Then we wander on and find hole in floor. That is, goblin find hole in floor as he fall in it. Especially funny when it have spikes. We go around hole and find abandoned room with goblin-writing on walls, and then abandoned room where someone keep lots of weapons. “Allies” decide to throw weapons in hole, so Thokk help with that.

Later we find room with shiny gold idol. It also have lots of traps. Thokk want shiny idol, but Thokk know it just get taken. So Thokk wait. Meanwhile, goblin and axe-theif go to take idol, and they get hit with darts. Then they take idol, and idol crumbles! So they take again, but it still crumble.

Then we fight some wolves. They were big wolves, and hard to kill.

After we sleep, goblin and funny plant cat go off to harvest wolf meat, and they not return. It be long time now. Thokk think maybe they should return soon…



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