World's Largest Dungeon

Last Cry of Clan Clawhowl

Great tragedy has struck Clawhowl clan. Thokk is great failure. Orghar was mighty warrior, and led us to great victory after great victory. When Orghar get all quiet, Thokk start thinking maybe we need new leader. Thokk should not have thought such things. Thokk is bad leader, and now all of Thokk’s men are dead.

Thokk gets ahead of himself. Thokk will tell story from beginning. After we leave the dagger room, we keep wandering, looking for cobalds [1]. Misty find blank spot in map, and we look for way in. We not find, but we do find secret door, which leads to stinky garbage place. goblin and little wizard poke around in mucky garbage goo (it smell really bad, make orcs sick. It even bubble. Goblin still smells terrible!) and then there go “Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” and many many little rats pour out of garbage. They attack everyone.

Seye go pony attack with fire blade while little wizard shout about burning things, and all of a sudden there go big boom, and fireball. We orcs smart and stay back, so we not get hit, and rats not burn much, which Thokk think odd, because rats roast nice ‘n’ easy. Anyway, rats chase after, and they eat little wizard, and they bite and claw other not-orcs, and they eat eachother.

Then goblin gets upset when his brother dies (Thokk wonder how goblin can be brother with not-goblin, but Thokk keep thoughts to self.) Misty say something to goblin, and he get mad and attack her. We cheer for fight, but there not much of one. No one died. Goblin said demon thing was coming for body of little wizard, and Thokk not want stick around to see that, so we leave.

Then we rest night, and next day we not have food or water. So we spend day hunting and getting water. Misty got sick, probably because woman and so frail. Or at least so Thokk think, but now goblin sick too, and he not woman. But he small, so maybe that it. None of orcs was sick.

Later we find room with lots of traps [2]. It have blade trap in door, which hit goblin, but also lightning trap in door, which hit goblin and Misty, who not always so great at fixing traps. Anyway, goblin grab spear and some vials, but he not grab things for orcs. Oh! Room contain many armors and things, mostly for dwarves, though, says goblin. Anyway, Thokk want him bring out orc things, but he not do it. Thokk not like that. Goblins should do what orcs say, because they are so small.

So we continue to go down hallway, and we find room with rubble. Then all of a sudden, we attacked by more flying oktopusses [3]. We beat them back, but there was injuries, so we rest again. Most of injuries were from traps earlier. Anyway, we spike doors closed and sleep for night. More people was more diseased. We ate oktopuss.

We continue on, and we get attacked by still more oktopusses. There was lots this time, and then even more came, following strange cat-plant thing. The cat-plant thing not fight us, but all told we fight over ten oktopuss.

We fight hard, but there too many Oktopusses. Thokk should have called for retreat, but Thokk want win too bad, and Thokk pick weak allies, because Thokk bad leader. All Thokk’s men die. Kas is dead. Naz is dead. Srozug is dead. Bgum is dead. Gak is dead. Bredat is dead. All is dead. Clawhowl Clan is dead. Thokk has failed as leader.

1 Curator’s note: Thokk almost certainly means “Kobolds”, a race of diminutive reptilian humanoids supposedly descended from dragons. A number of these creatures inhabit this region, and were previously warring with the Clawhowl Clan

2 Curator’s note: Before this, during the night, Gentle Raijin turned to the book he was given, and began to read about Pelor. He also prayed for the soul of his brother, who, he believed, was doomed to be endlessly devoured by some sort of demon.

3 Curator’s note: Thokk is likely referring to the fiendish darkmantles which inhabited the region at that time.



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