World's Largest Dungeon

The Death of Thokk

After plant-thing and chain woman fell into the snake pit, shiny angel man appears and wants to come with us. Thokk not really trust shiny angel man, since funny light ball also shiny angel thing, and it say shiny angel things build this place, and Thokk pretty sure shiny angel things not like him.

Anyway, Thokk go along with what Tomaz and Misty want, and we take shiny angel man with us. He fly over pit and we kill snakes then go down and climb up other side. We find small rooms with lots of funny doors. We argue over whether to take shiny door or wood door. We go through wood door, and it lead to Well. Then we try shiny door and it have funny looking Awbuhlisk. It have moving pictures, but then pictures stop and door close. Misty and Angel Man say it be some kind of puzzle, but Thokk not know much about these things.

We move on, see Statue of pretty angel lady, but don’t touch it. Thokk think maybe we should have taken spear, but Thokk happy, because Thokk has Orghar’s Axe again.

Then we see some Gold Dogs, but they run away. We go on, and we find scary door with big griffin head for lock. When Misty try to pick it, it give yell and go boom, but door still there. Thokk glad he stood way back.

We wander more. We find room with big pits, and a sword and a glowy axe (not as good as Orghar’s Axe). Tomaz fall in pit, but then we get him out.

The following is written in a different, more feminine and cultured hand

We encountered a number of huge wolves. There were too many to avoid casualties, and Thokk valiantly sacrificed himself so that others could live.



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