Leader of the Kobolds and a cunning wizard


Boyikt is shrewd and has a keen intellect, and his first priority is the welfare of his charges. He is also a fairly powerful wizard.

Boyikt, like the rest of his people, despise the orcs that they have been fighting for so long now.

Boyikt is the brother of Borryn, the old leader of this in particular band of kobolds who died during the recent fighting.

Boyikt also hates Longtail, both for leading him and his people into this dungeon with (what he now recognizes as false) promises of treasure, and for releasing the fiendish monsters which have flooded the area, and was quite impressed to learn that the sorcerous rat-man had been slain.

Although he was eager to take revenge on Clan Clawhowl and Thokk on behalf of his comrades, he was willing to overlook the matter in exchange for access to water, Longtail’s Bracers, and a small diamond.

While he left the party on amiable terms, it is his sincere hope that he never sees them again.


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