Human Swordsage 1/cleric 1

Longtail’s Goggles


A cleric of Obad-Hai and a student of martial styles, Cygoponi is a strong believer in neutrality and balance. Ultimately, in her mind, nature always wins, and that means nature is a great example of how to live. In her mind, good and evil are overrated, as both are dangerous extremes. Nature cares for neither, and in that way she follows nature’s example. She studied Obad-Hai from an early age, learning from the druid who cared for her after she ran away from home at the age of 9. Her father was a nobleman, and that kind of life never really suited her. She was always far too blunt, curt, and rough-and-tumble for that kind of lifestyle. Eventually, it drove her to run away from home in an effort to escape the lifestyle she so abhorred. Unfortunately for her, at the age of 9, she wasn’t exactly prepared for life on her own, nor did she have a plan for where to go. After only a week of wandering through the woods near her town on her own, she was on the brink of starvation and hypothermia. After passing out from lack of food and the cold, she woke up under the care of a druid of Obad-hai, who soon became her mentor as well as her savior. It was in this grove that she first met Qa’kanim the treant. After a few years at the grove, she decided to take a break from her clerical training and branch out a little bit. She enrolled in a martial arts academy, which is where she met Hazim. Cygoponi followed Qa’kanim the treant into the world’s largest dungeon, in an effort to help him cleanse the forest above of taint. Unfortunately, he fell early on. Now, she continues


World's Largest Dungeon mesick