Gnomish Mystical Dungeon Explorer


Gnome Wujen/Rouge S- 11 D- 15 C- 18 I- 17 W- 7 H- 15 AC 15 HP 10 Wounds: 7 subdual Saves F- 4 R- 4 W- 0 Skills With Ranks Balance 6 Concentration 8 Disable Device 7 Hide 6 Knowlage A+E 7 Move Silently 6 Open Lock 6 Tumble 6 Use Magic Device 6 Weapons Heavy Mace (small) +1 1d6 X2 Spell Failure 10 %


Backstory Kremlin is a Gnome who is facinated by the unique architecture found in the world’s great underground complex’s. While traveling his homeland, he came upon a group of Dwarves beset by Kobalds, with a combination of luck and magic he turned the battle in the favor of the Dwarves, and in exchange for his help they told him of a far off Dungeon of unimaginable size. His intrest perked he imeadately set off for the far off World’s Largest Dungeon. The journey was a rather uneventful one, since every thing just sort of happened to work out fine. The one thing of note that did happen on his trip was the three weeks he spent with a halfling caravan, dancing, drinking and just alltogether mariment heavly coulored his time with the halflings, and while he was there he fell in love with a halfling lass named Mazzy. Mazzy and Kremlin, after a late night of drinking, had decided to leave the halfling caravan and make haste for the Dungeon unfortunately on the way they were ambushed by evil humanoids of various sorts and only by quick use of the sleep spell and by the grace of the gods did they escape. Following the ambush Mazzy decided that folowing kremlin was perhaps to dangerous and that while she found him fun it was not worth the risk of loosing her life to accompany him further so she broke it off and whent home leaving the momentous task of exploring the World’s Largest Dungeon to a heart broken young Gnome. Regardless Kremlin forged on and found him self at last at the Dungeon entrance, after entering Kremlin realised he had made somthing of a mistake in leaving behinde his beloved Mazzy, and he tried to go back to her only to learn that there was no way back so he resigned to find the quickest rout out of the Dungeon to get back to her sadly after a day or two he found him self loosing intrest in the lovly halfling as the sheer wonderment of the dungeon began to wash over him and it wasn’t long before he was thouroughly engrossed in his research into the ancient Dungeon. Shortly there after he met up with a group of human explorers. Surprised to see something other than rats, he offered to join their group and was accepted shortly their after we encoutered orcs and entered into diplomatic discusions that breifly broke down when we spoke to Orghar, after a epic battle in which kremlin was grappled and the humans used strage martial techniques which quickly subdued the former orc leader, and diblomacy resumed.

Kremlin was tragically slain by a rampaging owlbear. What remains of his body was not recovered.


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