Female Factotum Warblade


STR: 14 / DEX: 14 / CON: 12 / INT: 15 / WIS: 12 / CHA: 12

MAX HP: 28

AC: 16 / TOUCH: 12 / FLAT-FOOTED: 16



WEAPONS: - Greatsword: Attack: +5 / Damage: 2d6+3 / Critical: 19-20/x2 (+2 to confirm) - Glowstick (Club): Attack: +5 / Damage: 1d6+3 / Critical: x2 (+2 to confirm)

ARMOR: - Scale Mail: Type: Med / AC Bonus: +4 / Max Dex: +3 / Check Penalty: -4

- Search: 11
- Disable Device: 8
- Open Lock: 8
- Knowledge Arcana: 8
- Knowledge Local: 7
- Knowledge Religion: 5
- Knowledge Planes: 8
- Knowledge Nature: 5
- Knowledge Dungeoneering: 5
- Hide: 6
- Move Silently: 8
- Tumble: 8

- Vital Recovery
- Skill Focus (Search)
- Knowledge Devotion

- Inspiration
- Cunning Insight
- Cunning Knowledge
- Trapfinding
- Battle Clarity
- Weapon Aptitude
- Uncanny Dodge
- Arcane Dilettante (1)
- Battle Ardor
- Brains over Brawn
- Cunning defense


MANEUVERS KNOWN: (5 known, 3 readied)
- Steel Wind
- Leading the Attack
- Douse the Flames
- Stone Bones
- Mountain Hammer

STANCES KNOWN: (1 known, 1 readied)
- Stance of clarity

LANGUAGES: - Common – Orc – Celestial

- Light Load: 58 lb
- Medium Load: 116 lb
- Heavy Load: 175

Orghar’s Battleaxe
Longtail’s Goggles
The Warm Key


Misty is a young woman who recently decided she was bored of life in her village and set out to find adventure, fame and fortune. Probably luckily for her, after a few unglamorous, hungry, and very boring days, she ran into Hazim, Cygoponi, and Qa’kanim, who told her of a quest to a mysterious cave. Offering her many useful talents, not least of which were her claim to keen eyes and nimble fingers where hidden traps were concerned, and being offered a share of the treasure in return, Misty jumped at the chance. After all, she was becoming bored with wandering the woods, which were mostly harmless and certainly not treasure-filled.

Misty is generally a good-natured person, but it must be confessed she is willing to ignore ideals of good and justice if she considers it to her advantage. She is quick to make friends, but isn’t often one for forming close attachments. That is not to say that she doesn’t care for her friends and family, but that while she thinks fondly of those she left behind or met and befriended sometime in the past, she feels no great regret to have parted with them.

As the adventure has continued, Misty has found it harder to get along with her companions. At first it was all good fun and quite exciting to be investigating the mysterious and mostly abandoned dungeons, but much of the charm has now worn off. First Qa’kanim, and then Hazim and Kremlin have already died in this dark and miserable place. Days at a time must be spent in idleness, waiting for the group to recover from wounds. Very little treasure has been found, making Misty despair of ever becoming rich off this quest. The orcs, who at first were a welcome help and diversion in the seemingly endless maze of rooms and halls, have become increasingly unpleasant. In addition to the lack of stimulating conversation they provide, the meagre treasure must be shared with them, and she has had to relinquish her share of the treasure in order to try to save the lives of herself and her (non-orc) companions. (Misty is beginning to regret trading her treasure for the lives of Hazim and Kremlin, especially as the one had the audacity to have died already, and the other fool ran off to get himself killed almost immediately after.) What stung the most was having to give up Orghar’s battle axe, which Misty believes she had every right to, and she felt it was a dirty to trick to help her and then demand the one acquisition she was most attached to. But her newest and most fervent reason for hating the orcs is that they side with the two reprobates who are the most recent additions to the group: Fuujin and Raijin. These horrid little creatures have caused no end of anger and indignation to Misty from the very beginning.

And yet, if what the curate says is true, the journey out of this wretched prison is only just begun. And to survive, Misty knows that she needs the help of her companions. “All it’d take is one of those dark mantles,” she has admitted grudgingly to herself, “and it’d be the end of me.” And so Misty is resolved to make the best of a bad situation, and get through this dungeon alive. After all, there’s no fun to be had in sulking or brooding, no matter the dangers you face or the coarseness of your companions.


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