The Curator

"Ball of Light"


“The Curator”, as it refers to itself, is an angel who was charged with the responsibility of knowing everything that goes on within its domain, which is apparently only a section of the dungeon in which the party finds themselves.

When the party first encountered the curator at the fountain he tried, in his own way, to persuade Bragdor not to attack the party. After the fight was over, the curator informed them of what it knew of the region, and the dungeon as a whole:

“Millennia ago we celestials built a great dungeon. Within it, we erected mammoth walls, locks, doors, and traps. It was a dungeon larger than any ever known, larger than any that would ever be known. Within it, we celestials imprisoned hellish undead, demonic beasts, and fiendish monstrosities. It was a perfect construction. Before the first dwarf would ever be born to sculpt stone, angels and celestials carved a work of art that no one would ever see. Perfect in every detail, it would stand inviolate for all time. Of course, it was never determined precisely why the gods would order these demons and devils imprisoned, rather than destroyed. In my limited knowledge of scholarly thought on the matter, I believe theories tend to fall either into the realm of the gods being too merciful to slaughter even such horrid creatures, or that the gods were unable to do so. How they could imprison them but not have the power to kill them is…but I digress. Centuries passed, and the tomb stood unchanged. The champions who protected humanity—and others of course—from the liches and hezrou and pit fiends stood valiant guard, ready to spend eternity in honor of the gods. No one is sure how much time passed. My own estimates place this as four-hundred-and-eighty-two-thousand-nine-hundred-and-sixty-five years since the creation of this dungeon, but my timekeeping is not perfect. In any event, an earthquake of unforeseeable proportions cracked the foundation of the dungeon. I am uncertain of the extent of the damage, as my own region is largely structurally intact, but I know that it was greater elsewhere in the dungeon. More recently a creature by the name of Longtail entered the dungeon, leading a horde of evil humanoids behind him. Longtail was for some reason under the assumption that releasing the beasts which had been sealed up in the chapel would allow him to control them, and that was his goal as he entered the dungeon. He left his followers near the entrance, having lured them here with false promises of gold. When no gold was found, the horde split down the middle, with the orcs, at the time led by Orghar, assuming that the kobolds and troglodytes had discovered the treasure and were hoarding it, and the kobolds, then led by Borryn, and troglodytes, led by Yrkak, believing the same of the orcs. Just when the in-fighting threatened to wipe out both groups, Longtail succeeded in releasing the fiendish beasts from beyond the portal, and they now inhabit the entire region.”

Further questioning of the curator revealed that there may be unintended exits in the dungeon, through which monsters may have left, or entered, but that the only intended exit is at the far end of the dungeon, and apparently guarded by a titan named Barcellus.

Thokk and his men don’t trust the curator, and believe that he is lying in order to keep them from the treasure.

The Curator

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