Orc Leader


HP 24/28 ATK 8 DMG 1d8+4 AC 15 Flat Foot 13 Touch 10 Fort 5 Ref 1 Will -1 Str 17 Dex 11 Con 12 Int 8 Wis 7 Cha 6 Weapon Battleaxe Spot -2 Listen 5 Intimidate 5


Thokk was Orghar’s second in command. When Orghar had his breakdown, Thokk stepped up to hold the band of orcs together until Orghar could recover.

As days passed and nothing changed, Thokk began to worry. Though the respect he and his men had for their chief was great, it was beginning to wane now that Orghar just sat and stared all day, while the Orcs’ supplies slowly dwindled. By the time the party came and talked of allying with Clawhowl Clan, Thokk was more than happy to hear it, and hoped this would spur Orghar to action.

Thokk, like the rest of the orcs, blames “the lizardmen” for all their troubles. He believes that they stole the treasure and summoned the fiendish beasts which currently plague the region.

Thokk is now holding onto both of the cursed gems.

Thokk blames himself for the death of his men, and blames the PCs for what he considers their betrayal: parleying with the kobolds and taking most of his stuff, especially Orghar’s Battleaxe, which he considers his by right.


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