World's Largest Dungeon

If Rocks Fall in a Dungeon...
...does anything hear the screams?

Venturing bravely past the place where the strange darkness beast had descended, the party was immediately set upon by a swarm of rats which had, unbeknownst to the party, been watching their fight in the darkness. A vigorous flailing of Qa’kanim’s branches quickly dispersed them, however.

Pushing on, the group reached a hallway running east/west, and decided to head east. Passing an open door to the north, they instead turned south, where they discovered the small, skeletal remains of what (due to hundreds of bite marks covering the bones) they could only assume was the rats’ last meal.

Heading through an open door to the south, the party found themselves in a meeting room of some kind (A20), with a desk and several stools set in a circle around a small pile of dirt which had, at one point, had something drawn in it, but which had been wiped clear. Set on the desk was a skull Misty recognized as belonging to a kobold.

Following a secret door to the which had been left open (causing Qa’kanim to posit that someone had left here in a hurry) the group navigated several corridors and explored a few rooms whose floors were strewn with rubble. One of these rooms contained a secret door, which led to a dusty and apparently forgotten room containing several tables and chairs (A21). During this time the group discovered, to their dismay, that the area is prone to tremors.

Another of these rooms contained a large, wrought-iron censer, which, though valuable, was sadly too heavy to bring along. Also in this room (A73) was a color spray trap guarding the entry to the next room (A74). In this room the party found a crushed golden cup which may be worth something, undecipherable writings on the wall, and a secret door which was being held shut by iron spikes. Qa’kanim insisted they press on, and after borrowing Hazim’s crowbar, the tree-man was able to pry them loose.

Almost immediately upon entering the next room the party was set upon by more rats, but between Hazim’s flaming blade, Qa’kanim’s branches, and Misty’s raw strength, the swarm was quickly dispatched. Heading south, towards where the rats had come from, our heroes found another secret door, this one partially forced open by seismic disturbance. Qa’kanim grabbed the crowbar and, with everyone pitching in (and using up ‘take 10s’ and Qa’kanim’s ‘take 20’) they forced the door open…causing it to collapse on them, nearly killing them all.

Hazim managed to stabilize Cygoponi and Qa’kanim, who were dying, and he and the barely-conscious Misty retreated to safety, where they would wait four days for the others to recover. Recovery was hampered somewhat by the tremors which, about once a day, would cause rocks to fall from the ceiling, causing everyone to take damage. Luckily Hazim’s precautions kept the group safe from wandering monsters.

Qa’kanim tragically died during one of these quakes, and Cygoponi survived only because Hazim shielded her with his body. After some debate, it was decided that the best thing to do with the treefolk’s body, since it could not be properly buried, was to leave it in a moldy storage room, where it could provide nourishment to something, at least.

After this the party decided to at least venture through the door that had cost them so much. Here, in addition to a large number of skeletons chained to the floor and walls, the group found a strange little gnome named Kremlin who was apparently examining the dungeon for its architecture, which he deemed “fascinating”. His last torch was soon to run out, and he accepted the party’s offer of joining forces.

They traveled for a time until they reached an orc encampment. The orcs were wounded and in no mood for a fight. In fact, it seemed clear that they were mostly interested in finding a way out. The party was taken to see Orghar, the clan chief, in order to discuss an alliance.They found him in a catatonic state, staring off into the distance, and nothing they said or did aroused his attention.

Then one of them mentioned an alliance and Orghar suddenly stirred to life, standing and shouting “There will be no alliance! Kill them!” Misty grabbed Orghar’s Battleaxe and threatened for the soldiers to stay back. Unsure of what to do (apparently no longer certain they wanted to follow Orghar), the orcs stayed back. Without his weapon, Orghar fell quickly to the combined might of Misty, Hazim, and Cygoponi.

After a moment of tense silence, the orc they had been parleying with before stepped forward, apparently having made his decision. He declared to the party, confidently and strongly, “You want discuss alliance?”

Ending Stats: Day: 5
Location: orc encampment

The Adventure Begins

Entering an unknown cave, the heroes, Misty, Qa’kanim, Cygoponi, and Hazim discovered a pair of massive iron doors. Beyond the doors was a pool of darkness blacker than the darkest midnight, and even with their torchlight they could make out nothing of what lay beyond. An arm was tentatively placed through the pool of darkness, and when it became apparent that it could not be removed, the party ventured forth.

Finding themselves in a large, cavernous room, the party was startled by coughing sounds to the north, and moved to investigate. They quickly found a small group of injured orcs sitting in the corner, awaiting death. The growled and jeered at the party, but made no move to fight. After the treant determined it would be too much effort to drag them along, the party moved on.

Skipping the first door they came across (which was trapped) the party instead went through another door leading in the same direction. This room was littered with bodies, and apparently served as a dumping ground for dead kobolds and troglodytes. Following a secret door, the heroes found themselves in a storage room, apparently long abandoned. It contained a large number of crates and moldy sacks. Careful not to touch anything for fear of releasing spores (Qa’kanim was very adamant about the dangers of mold and rot) the party headed north into another storage room, this one nearly full to bursting with rotting contents.

Following the oddly shaped room’s twists and turns, the party was caught unawares by a magical acid trap which hit Qa’kanim in the back, after which it was made clear to Misty that she should be constantly on the lookout for traps, rather than simply checking doors. The group grabbed a mass of damp (but mold-free) rope and then headed back to the room just past the secret door, where they headed south, right into the burning hands trap they had previously avoided.

Returning to the first room, they found that the orcs had apparently been murdered in their absence: mysteriously strangled. Qa’kanim said a prayer and commended their souls to the Oak Father before the party moved on, this time heading east.

First they encountered the corpse of an orc warrior, his hand outstretched towards the door they had just come from. Examining him revealed a number of strange marks on his body: larger holes surrounded by eight smaller ones, but the cause of the death was difficult to determine. There was only one exit from this room, and as the party passed through the doorway, all went dark. A mysterious thing attacked Misty and nearly suffocated her, but she managed to pull free. The entire group waited outside the magical darkness, and when it finally dissipated whatever had caused it was gone as well.


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