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  • Hazim

    Hazim is a swordsage from the great desert. He was trained in the art of the swordsage at the same dojo as Cygoponi. He specialized in the Desert Wind and …

  • Qa'kanim

    Qa'kanim sadly fell when he opened a doorway which had been weakened by tremors. The wall fell, crushing most of the party. Qa'kanim survived, unconscious, for two days while the party rested, before a violent tremor caused rocks to fall, ending his …

  • Misty

    p. Misty is a young woman who recently decided she was bored of life in her village and set out to find adventure, fame and fortune. Probably luckily for her, after a few unglamorous, hungry, and very boring days, she ran into Hazim, Cygoponi, and Qa' …

  • Cygoponi

    A cleric of Obad-Hai and a student of martial styles, Cygoponi is a strong believer in neutrality and balance. Ultimately, in her mind, nature always wins, and that means nature is a great example of how to live. In her mind, good and evil are overrated, …

  • Kremlin

    Backstory Kremlin is a Gnome who is facinated by the unique architecture found in the world's great underground complex's. While traveling his homeland, he came upon a group of Dwarves beset by Kobalds, with a combination of luck and magic he turned …

  • Fuujin

    Fuujin is 40 years old and is of average height and weight for a halfling. He has short blond hair and his eyes glow with eldritch power granted by his invocations. Fuujin and his half-brother


    Back Story: Raijin is a half-halfling/half-goblin born to a halfling community where he was of course immedietely shunned for his hideous appearance and for his association with evil humanoids. An outcast even at home, Raijin quickly devoloped a …

  • Shallahai

    Shallahai spent her childhood in a peacefull grove which was under the care of a treant named Qa'kanim. She learned many things from a

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