Special Rules

Due to the difficult time total slaughter of the PCs during my last attempt at the world’s largest dungeon1 the PC’s are allowed to be a little powerful.

  1. PCs roll 4d6, drop the lowest, but have to keep stats in order.
  2. PCs are gestalt.
  3. PCs have access to every Wizards of the Coast 3.5 sourcebook for purposes of selecting races, classes, feats, etc.
  4. At character creation, each PC rolls 1d8. On the result of an 8, that player may gestalt using a monster class as one (1) of their classes.

The World’s Largest Dungeon book lists some concerns about the mechanics of the dungeon. The following rules are in place:

  1. Summoning spells are allowed. Summoned creatures do not return to where they came from when the spell ends. Summoned creatures are considered unfriendly at best when the spell ends, but obey their summoner until that point.
  2. Teleportation effects (such as dimension door or teleport) automatically fail unless the caster has both line of sight and line of effect to their destination. Spells which allow movement between planes will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but will never allow exit from the dungeon, and is unlikely to allow movement through walls.
  3. Wizards gain spells when they level up as listed in the PhB. They can buy scrolls if they can find a place to buy them. The lack of places to learn extra spells is not a secret and if they have a problem with it they can run a sorcerer.
  4. There is a level cap based on the party’s location in the dungeon, as recommended by the WLD book. This is to keep the game fun and challenging without having to either drastically reduce the number of encounters or pump up all the monsters to ridiculous levels.
  5. Each player is only allowed one “take 20” per session and two “take 10”s per session.

Finally, it is worth noting that we are using the Critonomicon, which, unless I am mistaken, was published by Technomancer Press.

1 Including but not limited to: 3/4 of the party passing out from thirst and hunger, leaving a single player to travel the dungeon alone in search of succor for his dying friends, death of half of the party when their kobold allies disagreed with the idea of allying with the orc faction, racial hatred turning the party on itself, and an imp familiar causing half the party to kill the other half, with one survivor fleeing into a one-way-portal to a prison plane and the other dying valiantly fighting the familiar’s master.

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